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Inference of the Molecular Mechanism of Action from Genetic Interaction and Gene Expression Data

Mojca Mattiazzi and Tomaz Curk and Igor Krizaj and Blaz Zupan and Uros Petrovic (2010) Inference of the Molecular Mechanism of Action from Genetic Interaction and Gene Expression Data. OMICS A journal of Integrative Biology, 14 (4). pp. 357-367.

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    Inference of new and useful hypotheses from heterogeneous sources of genome-scale experimental data requires new computational methods that can integrate different types of data. Gene expression and genetic interaction data are two most informative data types, each allowing the identification of genes at different levels of cellular regulatory network hierarchy. We present an integrative data analysis approach, which, rather than correlating the findings from the two data sets, uses each type of data independently to identify the components of molecular pathways and combines them into a single directed network. Our computational genomics approach is based on a set of inference rules traditionally used for reasoning on genetic experiments, which we have formalized and implemented in a software tool. The approach uses chemogenetic interaction and expression data to infer the type of relation between the chemical substance (perturber) and a transcription factor by using previous knowledge on the set of genes whose expression the transcription factor in question regulates. We have used the proposed approach to successfully infer the models for the action of the drug rapamycin and of a DNA damaging agent on their molecular targets and pathways in yeast cells. The developed method is available as a web-based tool at http://www.ailab.si/perturbagen.

    Item Type: Article
    Keywords: genetic interaction, computational genomics, omics, perturber, data integration, expression analysis, chemogenomic interaction, pathway discovery
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