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Educational possibilities of the project Colour visualization of music

Bojan Klemenc and Peter Ciuha and Franc Solina (2011) Educational possibilities of the project Colour visualization of music. Organizacija, 44 (3). pp. 67-75. ISSN 1318-5454

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    We propose a system of colour visualization of music based on a system of colour signs, which are connected to musical tones. Tones, which are in harmonic relationships, are represented by related colours. First, we outline the foundations on which the system of colour signs is based – the mathematical model of harmony. We discuss several possibilities of visual representation of expressive elements of music – melody, composition, rhythm and harmony. These relationships enabled us to develop a computer program that employs these elements for visualization. The program mimics human perception in which the parts are determined by the perception of the whole. Furthermore, the program enables the development of tools that can enhance music understanding during listening or performing. Music performance can acquire a new quality with the use of interactive coloured musical instruments, which by using colours show the performer different possibilities for forming musical harmonies and thereby change the composing of music into a game and attractive colour-aural journey. Here we stumble upon a challenge for educational science and methodology: how to use such upcoming multimedia tools. These tools would bring the processes of learning and playing a game closer together since playing games is a child’s most natural form of functioning. Furthermore, in the area of artistic creation we can once again establish a balance between our logical and intuitive nature.

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