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Automatic cell counter for cell viability estimation

Jasna Lojk and Luka Šajn and Uroš Čibej and Mojca Pavlin Automatic cell counter for cell viability estimation. MIPRO 2014, 37th International Convention, May 26-30, 2014, Opatija, Croatia. BILJANOVIĆ, Petar (ur.). .

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    Despite several methods that exist in different fields of life sciences, certain biotechnological applications still require microscopic analysis of the samples and in many instances, counting of cells. Some of those are drug delivery, transfection or analysis of mechanism fluorescent probes are used to detect cell viability, efficiency of a specific drug delivery or some other effect. For analysis and quantification of these results it is necessary to either manually or automatically count and analyze microscope images. However, in everyday use many researchers still count cells manually since existing solutions require either some specific knowledge of computer vision and/or manual fine tuning of various parameters. Here we present a new software solution (named CellCounter) for automatic and semi-automatic cell counting of fluorescent microscopic images. This application is specifically designed for counting fluorescently stained cells. The program enables counting of cell nuclei or cell cytoplasm stained with different fluorescent stained. This simplifies image analysis for several biotechnological applications where fluorescent microscopy is used. We present results and validate the presented automatic cell counting program for cell viability application. We give empirical results showing the efficiency of the proposed solution by comparing manual counts with the results returned by automated counting. We also show how the results can be further improved by combining manual and automated c

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