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Nejc Pisk (2018) Real-time visualization of cryptocurrency exchange rate movements. EngD thesis.

Katarina Rovan (2018) PaaS model analysis and application development on the Salesforce platform. EngD thesis.

Jernej Jakofčič (2018) Mobile application for searching the cheapest filling station and recording costs. EngD thesis.

Simon Špehar (2018) Gamified mobile learning application. EngD thesis.

Nedim Husaković (2017) Comparison and performance analysis of DB2 and MySQL databases. EngD thesis.

Žiga Cigole (2017) A mobile application for booking a seat on the train. EngD thesis.

Vid Stoschitzky (2017) Development of web applications with Angular framework. EngD thesis.

Blaž Česnik (2017) Training using virtual reality. EngD thesis.

Blaž Lemut (2017) Design of an information system following GMP standards in the pharmaceutical industry. EngD thesis.

Miloš Jovanov (2017) Comparison of tools for mobile application development. EngD thesis.

Talita Kocjan Zager (2017) The establishment of open source web application for representation of public information about lobbying in Republic of Slovenia. EngD thesis.

Miroslav Matijević (2017) Puzzle game for the Google Cardboard platform. EngD thesis.

Niko Šuštar (2016) Development of web application for designing a relational database. EngD thesis.

Boštjan Vidmar (2016) The reorganization of content curation on the intranet of the company. EngD thesis.

Uroš Vonta (2016) Java application framework for rapid development of applications with distributed data sources. EngD thesis.

Matija Simin (2016) Comparison of JavaScript frameworks, Angular, Backbone, and Ember. EngD thesis.

Žane Ban (2016) Web application for optimal selection of first aid instructors. EngD thesis.

Nejc Štebe (2016) Developing web application for video chat. EngD thesis.

Aleš Koncilja (2015) Acquisition, integration and presentation of data for the needs of appraisers. EngD thesis.

Luka Vabič (2015) Optimization logistics of purchase and sales flows. EngD thesis.

Manca Štrucelj (2015) Creating a web interface to perform queries on Oracle database. EngD thesis.

Roman Gorišek (2015) Development of program code editor in the cloud using HTML5. EngD thesis.

Marko Pucelj (2014) Bitcoin. EngD thesis.

Mitja Mihelič (2014) Data migration from MySQL database to Percona Server and MariaDB. EngD thesis.

Dejan Dragman (2014) Analysis of the solutions for ensuring high availability of the Microsoft SQL Server 2012 databases. EngD thesis.

Milan Derlink (2014) Testing the appropriateness of using NoSQL in the context of financial application. EngD thesis.

Sandi Holub (2014) Processing large amounts of data in the cloud. EngD thesis.

Anej Bandelj (2014) Detecting plagiarism in program code and free text. EngD thesis.

Erik Pipan (2014) The development of mobile application using various programming frameworks. EngD thesis.


Rene Škarabot (2014) Performance analysis of in memory databases. EngD thesis.

Katja Rigelnik (2014) Backup as a buffer mechanism to ensure uninterrupted operations of the organization. EngD thesis.

Elmedin Osmanagić (2014) Windows Store application development. EngD thesis.

Matej Hlad (2013) Graph database neo4j and performance comparison with relational database. EngD thesis.

Marko Sedlar (2013) Web applications for notebook editing. EngD thesis.

Robi Tomc (2013) Cloud application development and deployment. EngD thesis.

Denis Bučković (2013) Computer control with Sphinx-4 speech recognition software. EngD thesis.

Janja Škedelj (2013) Using Kano model in the improvement of software solutions. EngD thesis.

Janez Puntar (2012) The functionalities and performance comparison of SharePoint search engines. EngD thesis.

Tine Orel (2012) Storage units to ssd drives and beyond. EngD thesis.

Andraž Glavan (2012) Economic and performance aspects of data storage in the clouds. EngD thesis.

Nejc Škerjanc (2012) Performance comparison between NoSQL and relational database. EngD thesis.

Matej Jerič (2012) Framework for automatic execution of testing activities. EngD thesis.

Janez Sorta (2011) Data integration in social networks. EngD thesis.

David Petrunov (2011) Presentation of reporting services technology. EngD thesis.

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