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Introducting Performance Dashboards to Banking Business

Petra Batič Radojević (2008) Introducting Performance Dashboards to Banking Business. MSc thesis.

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    Business performance management in a company introduces measuring, observing and managing the enterprise. We can look on it as if it were the next generation of business intelligence [24]. To visualize key data we use, most of the time, performance dashboards. Users, with the help of performance dashboards, control the business processes and pursue the efficiency of performing business strategy. A graphical representation of key business indicators allows the users, to make a quick assumption of current affairs and trends of these indicators. Dashboards, in an attempt to show data, use business intelligence. Key business indicators are represented on these dashboards with different graphical elements. In the case of transgression of some predefined value for a certain business indicator, the graphical element, which is linked with the same indicator changes color into a suitable one (for example: red) and with it alerts the user, that something is wrong. Users after that have an option, to investigate the problem with the use of techniques such as »drill down« so that with them they can get more specific informations about the problem. This way user can access elemental data that is saved in the databases or some other source system. Based on the information that was gained, users can act accordingly. The purpose of this Master's thesis is a full study of the concept of dashboards, business intelligence and data warehouses and to show the implementation of a prototype tactical performance dashboards created for the purpose of reviewing claims. These concepts are all described in the theoretical part of the thesis. In the second part of the thesis, which represents the practical part, we have shown the development of a prototype tactical performance dashboard. At the construction of the prototype we’ve focused on the development of a data warehouse, which holds data for claims. With the help of PL/SQL procedures we implemented the ETL process for filling up the data warehouse. We’ve shown the construction of a multidimensional data cube that is used for analyzing claim data through different business dimensions. After that we built a dashboard that is used for a graphical representation of these data, and, at the end of it all, we've shown the possibility of using such a tactical performance dashboards in the banking sector. Also, we have represented a solution to a problem that occurs with reviewing the business indicator: »percentage of unpaid claims«. The user was afterwards trying to discover what the reason of payment disorder actually was. With the help of the prototype performance dashboards, he discovered the reason behind the problems and acted accordingly. With the prototype we tried to clear the concept of dashboards for the users. We offered them an information solution that solves problems by reporting and analyzing data with which they come into contact. Further improvements and the completion of the prototype performance dashboards will depend above all on the wishes of its users and on the way people will accept and use it in the line of their work.

    Item Type: Thesis (MSc thesis)
    Keywords: performance dashboards, scorecard, key performance indicators, data warehouse, business intelligence, on line analitical procesing, business performance management
    Number of Pages: 113
    Language of Content: Slovenian
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    izr. prof. dr. Viljan Mahnič241Mentor
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    Institution: University of Ljubljana
    Department: Faculty of Computer and Information Science
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