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Nejc Gutnik (2018) Shared document repository. EngD thesis.

Tadej Bukovec (2018) Constructing and solving of Sudoku. EngD thesis.

Primož Golle (2018) Support for manipulating ECG and OpenEHR. EngD thesis.

Anže Dragar (2018) Automatic code generation for printing forms. EngD thesis.

Tendai Evelyn Borin (2017) Monitoring of quality indicators in VoIP. EngD thesis.

Klemen Randl (2017) Hybridisation of Genetic Algorithm for Vertex Cover Problem. EngD thesis.

Jan Keber (2017) Version control systems for structured files. EngD thesis.

Blaž Divjak (2017) Uniform infrastructure for configuration and management of network devices and services. MSc thesis.

Matija Rezar (2016) Genome assembly from sequence reads. MSc thesis.

Igor Habjan (2016) Distributed Dependancy Injection. EngD thesis.

Miha Pinterič (2016) Instant Messaging Systems. EngD thesis.

Andrej Habazin (2016) Identity Management Systems. EngD thesis.

Dominik Sedmak (2016) System Architecture in Translation Company. EngD thesis.

Miha Filej (2016) Text Generation using Hidden Markov Model. EngD thesis.

Ivan Krajačić (2016) Direct Communication Systems. EngD thesis.

Mitja Golob (2016) IoT in Buildings using SNMP. EngD thesis.

Jernej Hartman (2016) Development of a backend as a service. MSc thesis.

Jernej Hartman (2016) Development of a backend as a service. MSc thesis.

Emil Avdič (2016) Talk scheduling at the conference. EngD thesis.

Jan Tomšič (2016) Data storage as a service. EngD thesis.

Črt Kristl (2016) Genetic Approach to Strategic Games. EngD thesis.

Klemen Železnik (2015) Single-sign in system Shibboleth. EngD thesis.

Domen Prestor (2015) Parallelization of biologically inspired algorithms. EngD thesis.

Anja Štrukelj (2015) Introduction of card payment system in a merchant company. EngD thesis.

Aleksander Lukić (2015) Communication in a dual-processor system using shared memory. EngD thesis.

Dejan Kovač (2014) Data deduplication in a data store. EngD thesis.

Robert Pavlović (2014) Cloud infrastructure setting up course. EngD thesis.

Jure Rogelj (2014) Human resources management in a translation process. EngD thesis.

Alenka Turk (2014) Protocols for secure electronic mail. EngD thesis.

Janez Barbič (2014) Mobile application for a direct furniture sale. EngD thesis.

Luka Krsnik (2014) Social network of companies. EngD thesis.

Nejc Zupan (2014) High availability system for control and monitoring. EngD thesis.

Matija Rezar (2014) Parallel offsettings. EngD thesis.

Aleksander Fabijan (2014) Online Algorithms for Graph Partitioning into Cliques. EngD thesis.

Hasir Mesić (2014) Cache and indexing of unstructured data. EngD thesis.

Izak Lipnik (2014) Search in Unstructured Data using String B-trees. EngD thesis.

Dean Gostiša (2014) High-availability competition system in the cloud for a Bebras competition - CaaS. EngD thesis.

Matjaž Čepar (2014) CMS extensions using own modules. EngD thesis.

Klemen Kresnik (2014) Use of openehr on mobile platforms. EngD thesis.

Dejan Dežman (2013) Management of European Spallation Source. EngD thesis.

Rok Požar (2013) Complexity and algorithmic aspects in the theory of graph covers. PhD thesis.

Andrej Bukošek (2013) A system for parallel execution of data-flow graphs. Prešeren awards for students.

Andrej Bukošek (2013) A system for parallel execution of data-flow graphs. EngD thesis.

Štefan Šimec (2013) The convergence of web services and telecommunication services. EngD thesis.

Damjan Maček (2013) Access control in wireless ISP networks. EngD thesis.

Samo Tuma (2013) Combinatorial optimization of boolean satisfiability problems. EngD thesis.


Jan Berdajs (2013) Time Synchronization Issues in a MAC Protocol for Wireless Sensor Networks. EngD thesis.

Matej Ugrin (2012) Deferable server for a Hadoop system. EngD thesis.

Gregor Mede (2012) Modern teaching methods in computer science courses at professional high schools. EngD thesis.

Bisera Milosheska (2012) On data integrity in cloud storage. EngD thesis.

Peter Kacin (2012) File Sharing in a Distributed Environment. EngD thesis.

Damir Balija (2011) LiDAR as a Web Service. EngD thesis.

Matevž Jekovec (2011) Computer-aided musical theme analysis. Prešeren awards for students.

Janez Perme (2011) Simulation of job execution in managed distributed system. MSc thesis.

Matevž Jekovec (2011) Computer-aided musical theme analysis. EngD thesis.

Rok Cvahte (2010) Parallelization of meta-heuristics for NP-complete problems. Prešeren awards for students.

Rok Cvahte (2010) Parallelization of meta-heuristics for NP-complete problems. EngD thesis.

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