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Tomaž Hočevar (2017) Counting small patterns in networks. PhD thesis.

Vid Kocijan (2017) Vertex embeddings in linear space complexity. EngD thesis.

Vid Kocijan (2017) Vertex embeddings in linear space complexity. Prešeren awards for students.

Klemen Hiti (2017) Computer system for control and management of aquarium. EngD thesis.

Simon Hočevar (2017) Teaching Computer Science with Lego Mindstorms. EngD thesis.

Žan Anderle (2017) Automatic prediction of company's characteristics based on their website. MSc thesis.

Anže Mikec (2016) Differentiation of normal and cancerous urothelial cells from microscopic images using machine learning. MSc thesis.

Tina Avbelj (2016) Analysis of infrared spectra using deep neural networks. EngD thesis.

Darja Peternel (2016) Raspberry Pi as an environment for learning to program. EngD thesis.

Darjan Oblak (2016) Decision Tree Ensemble Selection. EngD thesis.

Jure Žbontar (2016) Training deep neural networks for stereo vision. PhD thesis.

Marko Novak Hindel (2015) Real-time video processing with Orange. EngD thesis.

Eva Lužnik Žnidaršič (2015) Teaching children how to program using Raspberry Pi. EngD thesis.

Matej Senožetnik (2015) Assessment of the state of charge of the battery of an intelligent mobile home. EngD thesis.

Matej Senožetnik (2015) Assessment of the state of charge of the battery of an intelligent mobile home. Prešeren awards for students.

Tomaž Kariž (2015) Reliability estimation of ensemble model predictions. MSc thesis.

Mitja Trampuš (2015) Semantic approaches to domain template construction and opinion mining from natural language. PhD thesis.

Mateja Volčanšek (2015) Lexical Sentiment Analysis in Slovenian Texts. EngD thesis.

Matija Polajnar (2014) Static and dynamic analysis of networks based on local patterns. PhD thesis.

Peter Us (2014) Use of background knowledge in visualization of high-dimensional data. EngD thesis.

Petra Mihalič (2014) Teaching Programming with Scratch. EngD thesis.

Anita Valmarska (2014) ANALYSIS OF CITATION NETWORKS. EngD thesis.

Maja Žbogar (2014) Guiding ensemble methods by using genesets. EngD thesis.

Peter Stegnar (2013) Development of web applications using the MVC patterns on server and client. EngD thesis.

Andraž Žagar (2013) Analysis of emergency medical service system: a case study. EngD thesis.

Amela Rakanović (2013) Statistical widgets for Orange platform. EngD thesis.

Niko Colnerič (2013) Construction and exploration of networks of scientific papers. EngD thesis.

Matevž Černe (2013) Computer science concepts in tasks from the Bebras competition. EngD thesis.

Rok Kršmanc (2013) Road surface condition forecasting from historical data and weather forecasts. PhD thesis.

Miha Štajdohar (2012) Visualization and analysis of the space of prediction models. PhD thesis.

Jernej Virag (2012) Automated categorization of video lectures. EngD thesis.

Nejc Župec (2012) Twitter Bootstrap and development of web repository for Cacti. EngD thesis.

Dejan Grbec (2012) Clustering with topological constraints. EngD thesis.

Jadranka Smiljić (2012) Usefulness and Accessibility of Web Pages. EngD thesis.

Ines Panker (2012) Automated authorship attribution for Slovenian literary texts. EngD thesis.

Danijel Hrvaćanin (2012) Comparison of Model-View-Controller architecture. EngD thesis.

Grega Pompe (2011) Excursion recommendation system. EngD thesis.

Anže Šuštar (2011) Lexical substitution with learning from user response. EngD thesis.

Matevž Jekovec (2011) Computer-aided musical theme analysis. Prešeren awards for students.

Matevž Jekovec (2011) Computer-aided musical theme analysis. EngD thesis.

Marko Hlupič (2011) Recommendation system for trip planning. EngD thesis.

Rok Avbar (2011) Elements of Online Shop Implementation. EngD thesis.

Jure Vrščaj (2011) Development of applications using Google App Engine. EngD thesis.

Erika Pogorelc (2011) Development of extensions for cms Joomla!. EngD thesis.

Jernej Gosar (2010) Decision shells for mobile phones. EngD thesis.

Tine Mlakar (2010) Development of information system for multimedia center. EngD thesis.

Mitja Pugelj (2010) Prediction of structured values using k nearest neighbours. EngD thesis.

Jure Žabkar (2010) Learning qualitative dependencies. PhD thesis.

Damjan Kmet (2010) Implementation of a template management interface for document systems. EngD thesis.

Boštjan Primožič (2010) Prototype of gadgets for the web site of Faculty of computer and information science. EngD thesis.

Gašper Forjanič (2010) Using graphics processing unit as a general purpose processor. EngD thesis.

Janez Cergolj (2010) Search Engine for hierarchical catalogue of craftsmen. EngD thesis.

Boštjan Kastelic (2010) Impementation of a GIS based on Oracle Technology. EngD thesis.

Jure Maver (2010) Radio-frequency identification in libraries. EngD thesis.

Bojan Ličen (2009) Rich internet applications, AJAX and Javascript toolkits. EngD thesis.

Žiga Jeločnik (2009) System for media monitoring and analysis. EngD thesis.

Vesna Tanko (2009) Covariance functions for Gaussian Process Models. EngD thesis.

Dejan Petelin (2009) Incremental learning of Gaussian process models. EngD thesis.

Andrej Panjan (2009) Prediction of Successfulness of Tenis Players Using Machine Learning. EngD thesis.

Matija Polajnar (2009) Behaviour of FreeViz algorithm in a high-dimensional space. EngD thesis.

Uroš Ipavec (2009) Data Backup Techniques for SharePoint Environment. EngD thesis.

Tadej Štajner (2009) Entity Resolution in Texts Using Machine Learning and Background Knowledge. EngD thesis.

Ruben Sipoš (2009) Modelling words co-occurrence with machine learning. EngD thesis.

Minja Zorc (2009) Learning optimal decisions with classification trees. EngD thesis.

Miha Biček (2009) Widget for measuring classifier performance based on curves. EngD thesis.

Tomaž Zorc (2009) Analysis and application of technologies for implementation of webstores. EngD thesis.

Boštjan Kovač (2009) Filter for marking inappropriate content on web pages. EngD thesis.

Aleš Čadež (2009) System for analysis of Website traffic. EngD thesis.

Ivan Fućak (2009) Routing in Geographic Information System. EngD thesis.

Aleš Fleischmann (2008) Some components of a process control document system interface. EngD thesis.

Aleš Rebec (2008) GPS TRACKING WITH GOOGLE MAPS. EngD thesis.

Erik Dovgan (2008) Evolutionary algorithm for optimization of cargo transport between two locations with a group of vehicles. EngD thesis.

Simon Vovko (2008) . EngD thesis.

Žiga Štrukelj (2008) . EngD thesis.

Miran Grilc (2008) . EngD thesis.

Robert Njenjić (2008) . EngD thesis.

Uroš Maklič (2007) . EngD thesis.

Borut Tomažin (2007) . EngD thesis.

Miha Štajdohar (2007) . EngD thesis.

Melita Kapelj (2007) . EngD thesis.

Matevž Kozamernik (2007) . EngD thesis.

Matjaž Petek (2007) . EngD thesis.

Marina Čekada (2007) . EngD thesis.

Boštjan Žagar (2006) . EngD thesis.

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