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Črt Ambrožič (2012) Establishment and use of wireless networks Eduroam and Libroam in the National and university library. EngD thesis.


Tomaž Biber (2016) The evaluation of social-technical aspects of software development methodologies. EngD thesis.

Primož Bevk (2013) Responsive web design. EngD thesis.

Matej Božič (2012) Development of an extension for description and evaluation of restaurants in Joomla CMS. EngD thesis.

Daniel Brulc (2011) Methods and computer based tools for failure analysis. EngD thesis.

Matjaž Bevčič (2011) Improvements of geographic information system in an electro distribution enterprise. EngD thesis.

Marko Budal (2011) Automated performance testing of web applications. EngD thesis.


Rok Černič (2016) A prototype of an information system for student club support. EngD thesis.


Peter Dolenec (2012) Inventory control system with use of a smartphone for barecode scanning. EngD thesis.

Nebojša Djekanović (2012) Online advertising by use of cost per action pricing model. EngD thesis.


Matej Fakin (2016) Prototype of a system for evaluation of tourist spots quality based on existing evaluations from web sources. EngD thesis.

Antonio Fajdiga (2013) Aspect oriented software development and comparison with traditional development approaches. EngD thesis.


Darko Gavrič (2016) Design of the model for evaluation of cloud platform elements. MSc thesis.

Darko Gavrić (2011) Decision model for selection of daily work reporting tool. EngD thesis.


Žana Hrastovšek (2014) Prototype of the notification system for emergencies using Google Cloud Messaging technology. EngD thesis.

Nina Habjan (2014) Evaluation of technological, social and economic aspects of ERP. EngD thesis.

Matej Hlastec (2014) Development of mobile application for euro banknotes tracking with use of EuroBillTracker services for Android. EngD thesis.


Sami Ilc (2016) Optimization of warehouse processes by using mobile technology. EngD thesis.

Marko Iskra (2011) Development of a web application for customer management of an aesthetic studio with Oracle application express. EngD thesis.


Ariel David Jančar (2018) A mobile application assisting in locating products indoors. EngD thesis.

David Jerković (2015) Mobile application for monitoring the activities of soccer teams. EngD thesis.

Matic Jurglič (2014) Software Testing using Ruby on Rails framework. EngD thesis.

Denis Jančić (2013) An analysis of the suitability of CRM systems for micro-enterprises. EngD thesis.


Jaka Krajnc (2018) Use of Salesforce platform for application developement in healthcare. EngD thesis.

Luka Krivec (2017) Framework for selection of approaches for improvement of information systems development process. MSc thesis.

Alja Kunovar (2016) A framework for evaluation of adequate activities and tools for mobile application testing. MSc thesis.

Aleksandar Kojić (2015) Framework for information systems development process improvement using heuristics for business processes improvement. MSc thesis.

Mitja Kjuder (2015) Prototype of information system for monitoring and management of club events and resources using NFC technology. EngD thesis.


Franci Kaker (2013) Development of application system to support mountain logbook. EngD thesis.

Luka Krivec (2013) Mobile application for cyclists with back-end systems in the cloud. EngD thesis.

Dušan Kambič (2013) Analysis of establishing back-end system for mobile devices IOS and Android on Google App Engine platform. EngD thesis.

Vid Kanduč (2011) Application of virtual desktop infrastructure in enterprises. EngD thesis.

Damjan Košćak (2011) Information security in accordance with ISO/IEC 27000. EngD thesis.

Rok Kuzem (2011) Test planning for IS development in small development teams. EngD thesis.


Miloš Lukić (2017) Evaluation of software development processes using development environment logs. MSc thesis.

Urša Lipovž (2016) Framework for evaluation of CRM systems with mobile support. EngD thesis.

Tadej Lozar (2013) Comparison of software for Balanced Scorecard for smaller IT enterprises. EngD thesis.

Rok Logonder (2011) Use of object-relational mapping tools for development of java based applications. EngD thesis.


David Mohorčič (2015) Analysis of cloud platforms for the purpose of integration with mobile applications. EngD thesis.

David Možina (2013) Column-oriented database management systems. EngD thesis.


Leon Oven (2014) Integration of SAP ERP with mobile devices. EngD thesis.


Viki Petrovič (2017) A model for evaluation of alignment between information system and interests of key stakeholders in the enterprise. MSc thesis.

Aleš Perkovič (2013) Web application for preparation and implementation of longitudinal surveys tailored to groups of respondents. EngD thesis.

Ivo Prelc (2011) Use of semantic web technologies in a wine production company. EngD thesis.

Dean Podgornik (2011) Use of Web 2.0 concepts in development of web applications. EngD thesis.


Matjaž Rajnar (2014) Comparison of the use of SOAP and REST for connection of mobile devices to web services. EngD thesis.


Nejc Slejko (2014) Prototype of a simple warehouse management system based on Android mobile devices and PHP server. EngD thesis.

Matej Spiller - Muys (2014) Using open source tools to implement model driven architecture. EngD thesis.

Jordancho Sherovski (2013) An approach for a comparative analysis of success of information system parts. EngD thesis.


Jan Štihec (2016) Impact of software development methodologies on success of Slovenian enterprises. EngD thesis.

Matej Štefančič (2016) Framework for evaluation of customer interaction in information solutions development. MSc thesis.

Jure Šorn (2015) A prototype of a low cost time attendance system using NFC technology on Android mobile devices. EngD thesis.

Jan Šauli (2014) Prototype application for comparison of the price of the same real estate on different real estate portals. EngD thesis.

Martin Štokelj (2011) Introducing internet protocol IPv6 in to the company. EngD thesis.


Gašper Urh (2013) The use of NFC technology in mobile applications on the Android platform. EngD thesis.


Matija Volontar (2018) Optimization of task assignement in facility maintenance by using mobile technologies. EngD thesis.

Gergor Vertovšek (2016) Comparison of mobile application frameworks. EngD thesis.

Martin Verstovšek (2011) Use of tools for management do it projects in a small development team. EngD thesis.

Marko Vatovec (2011) An Approach to Implementation of Green Computing. EngD thesis.


Mateja Zalar Oblak (2016) Integrated evaluation framework for IT service management. MSc thesis.

Žiga Zupan (2013) Comparison of web application development in Visual Studio Web Forms and MVC. EngD thesis.

Urban Zupančič (2011) Use of SQL Service Broker for integration of two information systems. EngD thesis.


Žiga Železnik (2013) Analysis and comparison of web-based content management systems. EngD thesis.

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