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Rok Rupnik (2017) Interactive online 3D display of Slovenian terrain. MSc thesis.

Peter Benko (2017) Blood flow simulation in neck veins. EngD thesis.

Gregor Kužnik (2016) A mobile application for navigation for the blind and visually impaired. EngD thesis.

Matej Hrlec (2016) Virtual journey based on panoramic images and Oculus Rift. EngD thesis.

Gal Kos (2016) 3D battlefield visualisation in Unity. EngD thesis.

Žiga Černigoj (2016) Porting interactive web content from Flash to HTML5. EngD thesis.

Luka Ločniškar (2016) Shooting practice in a virtual environment. EngD thesis.

Luka Zakrajšek (2016) Visualization and analysis of musical recordings using compositional hierarchycal model. EngD thesis.

Peter Gabrovšek (2015) Procedural terrain generation with Perlin noise. EngD thesis.

Silvester Jakša (2015) Multimodal System for Recommending Music. EngD thesis.

Gregor Stamać (2015) Tool for test driven development of JavaScript applications. EngD thesis.

Rihard Gaberšček (2015) Student model in intelligent tutor systems. EngD thesis.

Jernej Plohl (2014) Comparison of Unity3D and Construct 2 tools for development of games on mobile platforms. EngD thesis.

Boštjan Čotar (2014) Adaptive segmentation of 3D volumes. EngD thesis.

Manca Bizjak (2014) Development of a Kinect application as a tool for physics learning. EngD thesis.

Matej Zrimšek (2014) Development of a physics engine for computer games. EngD thesis.

Sirma Gjorgievska (2014) Simulation and 3D visualisation of physical phenomena on mobile devices. EngD thesis.

Nejc Lepen (2014) Automatic System for Serving and Deploying Products into Advertising Space. EngD thesis.

Andraž Pencelj (2013) Crossword solving mobile application. EngD thesis.

Gregor Leskovšek (2013) Graphomania: learning function plots. EngD thesis.

Davor Čretnik (2013) Implementation of SCA specification. EngD thesis.

Jure Jeram (2013) Implementing incident and service request fulfillment management with System Center Service Manager. EngD thesis.

Toni Mervar (2013) 3D game development using the Unity engine for Android platform. EngD thesis.

Klemen Modic (2012) Optimization of marina status management using smart phones. EngD thesis.

Tanja Peršin (2012) Analysis of the information searching process via information retrieval systems. MSc thesis.

Matej Puntar (2012) 3D on the internet. EngD thesis.

Marko Jakopin (2012) Local Storage of Dynamic Web Applications by Means of HTML5. EngD thesis.

Andrej Kavrečič (2012) Building management system. EngD thesis.

Jurij Sirše (2012) Development of the application “Baling grass” for the mobile platform Android. EngD thesis.

Martin Podboj (2012) Web GIS application – Deposits of mineral resources in Slovenia. EngD thesis.

Miha Vitorovič (2011) Control system for particle accelerator in LabVIEW. EngD thesis.

Bojan Pikl (2011) Implementation of an embedded computer. EngD thesis.

Tomaž Močnik (2011) Development of a web application for communication and collaboration between users. EngD thesis.

Peter Pavkovič (2011) Comparison of time complexity of SQL querries by IBM DB2 database on z/OS operating system. EngD thesis.

Rok Carl (2011) A Web Application for Communication Between Professional Photographer and Customer. EngD thesis.

Peter Kodermac (2011) Weaknesses of too simplified user passwords. EngD thesis.

Grega Podlesek (2011) Implementation and usage of an augmented reality library for displaying nearby points of interest on mobile devices. EngD thesis.

Simon Merlak (2011) Development of a Web-based Costumer Relationship Management System. EngD thesis.

Goran Ocepek (2011) HTML5 and CSS3 usage in web based quizzes. EngD thesis.

Blaž Plaskan (2010) Development of iPhone prototype application for task management. EngD thesis.

Klemen Kočila (2010) IUS-TIME document and link processor. EngD thesis.

Anže Rozman (2010) New elements in HTML5 and canvas 2D API. EngD thesis.

Tomaž Kunaver (2010) Occlusion culling in 3D engines. EngD thesis.

Miha Ravšelj (2010) Gastonvo- computer support for marketing of built-in wardrobes. EngD thesis.

Ivan Turković (2010) Data geo-tagging in social networks. EngD thesis.

Andrej Luznar (2010) A system for temperature measurement and action performing on ski jumps. EngD thesis.

Mitja Lapajne (2010) Test driven software development in Java. EngD thesis.

Sara Perčič (2010) Development of Bluetooth application in Java ME and Java SE environment. EngD thesis.

Aleš Vranešič (2010) JAVAFX. EngD thesis.

Matjaž Horvat (2009) Augmented browsing. EngD thesis.

Domen Grabec (2009) Usage of computer vision to increase the feeling of presence in computer games. EngD thesis.

Sašo Zagoranski (2009) Natural user interfaces and development of application for multi - touch devices. EngD thesis.

Luka Čović (2009) Development of a graphics engine for rendering in 2D space. EngD thesis.

Mitja Golob (2009) Unification of IT environment and introduction of digital identities supported by Microsoft Active Directory. EngD thesis.


Anže Žagar (2008) Display of multimedia presentations projected on the faces of a virtual cube. EngD thesis.

Luka Pratneker (2008) Application server in multilevel architecture. EngD thesis.

Jure Jesenovec (2008) . EngD thesis.

Anže Žagar (2008) . EngD thesis.

Mirko Teran Ravnikar (2008) Development of a 3D graphical engine for .NET framework. EngD thesis.

Eva Milošev (2008) . EngD thesis.

Peter Kraker (2008) Object tracking with a GPS location device. EngD thesis.

Dušan Semen (2007) . EngD thesis.

Janez Vrhovnik (2007) . EngD thesis.

Uroš Strelec (2007) . EngD thesis.

Valerij Bartulović (2007) . EngD thesis.

Lucas Benedičič (2007) . EngD thesis.

Jure Germovšek (2007) . EngD thesis.

Anton Vahčič (2007) . MSc thesis.

Rok Kaver (2006) . EngD thesis.

Damjan Kovač (2006) . MSc thesis.

Robert Kuster (2006) . MSc thesis.

Tomaž Zarvšnik (2006) . EngD thesis.

Emil Razpet (2006) . EngD thesis.

Peter Skrabl (2006) . EngD thesis.

Uroš Savarin (2006) . EngD thesis.

Franc Zupan (2006) . EngD thesis.

Matjaž Prtenjak (2006) . MSc thesis.

Rok Bajec (2006) . EngD thesis.

Damir Arh (2006) . MSc thesis.

Damir Arh (2002) . Prešeren awards for students.

Valentin Iljaž (2001) System for video distribution into web pages. EngD thesis.

Andraž Kopač (2001) Planning a network of foot scanners and related systems in footwear retail. EngD thesis.

Luka Debeljak and Matevž Gačnik (2000) . Prešeren awards for students.

Edvard Demšar (1999) . Prešeren awards for students.

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