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Lina Lumburovska (2018) Time-Efficient String Matching Algorithms and the Brute-Force Method. EngD thesis.

Gregor Ajdič (2018) Network Flow Algorithms. EngD thesis.

Kokan Malenko (2017) The consequences of quantum computing. EngD thesis.

Žiga Sajovic (2017) Operational calculus on program spaces. EngD thesis.

Žiga Sajovic (2017) Operational Calculus on Programming Spaces. Prešeren awards for students.

Jaka Klančar (2016) Solving the Sokoban problem. EngD thesis.

Ratko Rudić (2016) Microkernel operating systems. MSc thesis.

Metka Selak (2016) Chaitin's constant Omega - from definition to present. EngD thesis.

Anja Bisako (2014) Introduction of push technology in a system for ordering cloud services. EngD thesis.

Luka Prašnikar (2014) Business to business webstore, integrated with Microsoft Dynamics NAV ERP system. EngD thesis.

Tadej Urdih (2014) The replacement of a domain server and stations in an enterprise. EngD thesis.


Andreja Slosu (2013) Primality testing. EngD thesis.

Rok Povšič (2013) The use of Monte Carlo methods for option pricing. EngD thesis.

Ambrož Bizjak (2013) The NCD Programming Language. EngD thesis.

Renato Urajnar (2013) Exact string matching algorithms. EngD thesis.

Andrej Bukošek (2013) A system for parallel execution of data-flow graphs. Prešeren awards for students.

Andrej Bukošek (2013) A system for parallel execution of data-flow graphs. EngD thesis.

Nejc Ramovš (2013) The subgraph isomorphism problem. EngD thesis.

Matjaž Verbole (2012) Algorithm D*. EngD thesis.

Tomaž Hočevar (2012) Parallel string matching algorithms. EngD thesis.

Gaja Velkavrh (2012) The maximum-flow problem. EngD thesis.

Miha Starič (2011) Organisation of search in spite of inconsistencies in the Slovene boat database. EngD thesis.

Ambrož Homar (2011) The PCP theorem. EngD thesis.

Tine Kavčič (2011) Sensor Network Protocol message layer implementation in Java. EngD thesis.

Maja Remic (2011) Cardinality constrained bin packing. EngD thesis.

Polona Bogataj (2011) Integer factorization algorithms. EngD thesis.

Urša Levičnik (2011) Assembler for a hypotetical computer SIC/XE. EngD thesis.

Matic Tovšak (2011) Discrete mathematical models and algorithms for stock options valuation. EngD thesis.

Blaž Lampreht (2010) Communication speed comparison between UDP sockets and UDP stack. EngD thesis.

David Sedlar (2010) Developing a basic web application using a flexible framework of open source libraries.. EngD thesis.

Primož Lukšič (2009) Growth in graphs. PhD thesis.

Marko Novak (2009) Resource discovery in Grid systems based on the Distributed Hash Table. MSc thesis.

Boštjan Pišlar (2008) Preparation of insurance subsidiaries to reduce credit risk in banka Koper d.d.. EngD thesis.

Nejc Škoberne (2008) Improvement of the pfSense firewall with user services. EngD thesis.

Marjan Bizjak (2008) Activity analysis of the help desk at supreme court RS. EngD thesis.

Matej Cerk (2008) Making PDF documents in Lotus Domino environment. EngD thesis.

Viktor Kovačević (2008) Optimization of secondary indexes in relational databases with a genetic algorithm. MSc thesis.

Boban Bojkovski (2007) . EngD thesis.

Dejan Tušar (2007) . MSc thesis.

Luka Por (2007) . MSc thesis.

Uroš Čibej (2007) Data replication in grid computing. PhD thesis.

Matej Kogovšek (2007) . EngD thesis.

Jaka Močnik (2007) . MSc thesis.

Mitja Bezenšek (2007) . EngD thesis.

Tomaž Kreševič (2007) . EngD thesis.

Igor Rozman (2007) . MSc thesis.

Urban Borštnik (2007) Parallel Computer Simulations on Clusters of Personal Computers. PhD thesis.

Gaber Rekelj (2006) . EngD thesis.

Miha Vuk (2006) . MSc thesis.

Marko Novak (2006) . EngD thesis.

Jurij Mihelič (2006) Flexibility in optimization problems. PhD thesis.

Jaša Pelkič (2006) . EngD thesis.

Matija Macun (2006) . EngD thesis.

Saša Rink (2006) . EngD thesis.

Marjan Šterk (2005) Mesh free methods on parallel computers. PhD thesis.

Tomaž Dobravec (2004) Routing algorithms in networks with the topology of circulant graphs. PhD thesis.

Marjan Šterk (2000) Parallel particle simulation on computer clusters using an object oriented approach. Prešeren awards for students.

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