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Borut Batagelj and Franc Solina (2015) Slikovna biometrija v forenziki. Revija za kriminalistiko in kriminologijo, 66 (3). pp. 259-266. ISSN 0034-690X

Aleš Jaklič and Miran Erič and Igor Mihajlović and Žiga Stopinšek and Franc Solina (2015) Volumetric models from 3D point clouds: The case study of sarcophagi cargo from a 2nd/3rd century AD Roman shipwreck near Sutivan on island Brac, Croatia. Journal of Archaeological Science, 62 (2015). pp. 143-152.

Klemen Kozjek and Aleš Jaklič (2015) Didactic Tool: RC Servo Controller for Educational Robotics. In: 24th Electrotechnical and Computer Science Conference ERK 2015, 21.-23. september 2015, Porotorož, Slovenia.

Anze Staric and Janez Demsar and Blaz Zupan (2015) Concurrent software architectures for exploratory data analysis. WIREs Data Mining Knowl Discov, 5 . pp. 165-180.

Marinka Zitnik and Blaz Zupan (2015) Gene network inference by fusing data from diverse distributions. Bioinformatics, 31 (12). i230-9.

Rafael David Rosengarten and Balaji Santhanam and Danny Fuller and Mariko Katoh-Kurasawa and William F Loomis and Blaz Zupan and Gad Shaulsky (2015) Leaps and lulls in the developmental transcriptome of Dictyostelium discoideum. BMC Genomics, 16 . p. 294.

Marinka Zitnik and Edward A Nam and Christopher Dinh and Adam Kuspa and Gad Shaulsky and Blaz Zupan (2015) Gene prioritization by compressive data fusion and chaining. PLoS Computational Biology, 11 (10). e1004552.

Erika Pavlin and Žiga Elsner and Tadej Jagodnik and Borut Batagelj and Franc Solina (2015) From illustrations to an interactive art installation. Journal of Information, Communication and Ethics in Society,, 13 (2). pp. 130-145.

Franc Solina and Blaž Meden (2015) Light fountain – a virtually enhanced stone sculpture. Digital Creativity . ISSN 1744-3806

Vito Janko (2015) . Prešeren awards for students.

Marinka Zitnik and Blaz Zupan (2015) Data Fusion by Matrix Factorization. IEEE Transactions on Pattern Analysis & Machine Intelligence, 37 (1). pp. 41-53.

Nino Ostrc (2015) Performance module for BI4Dynamics platform. EngD thesis.

Monika Cerinšek (2015) Analysis of two-mode networks and multiplication of networks. PhD thesis.

Aleksander Bešir (2015) Development of an electronic guestbook including booking management for smaller accommodation facilities. EngD thesis.

Staš Voler (2015) Advanced online food ordering application. EngD thesis.

Filip Kralj (2015) Myrella, smart umbrella. EngD thesis.

Mirjam Kolar (2015) Lehmer's GCD algorithm. EngD thesis.

Dražen Perić (2015) Modeling relation between technical parameters of web page design and its aestethics. MSc thesis.

Mitja Kjuder (2015) Prototype of information system for monitoring and management of club events and resources using NFC technology. EngD thesis.

Roman Gorišek (2015) Development of program code editor in the cloud using HTML5. EngD thesis.

Klemen Gorjan (2015) Comparison of unit test frameworks for C# programming language. EngD thesis.

Borut Batagelj and Franc Solina (2015) Biometry from surveillance cameras - forensics in practice. In: Proceedings of the 20th Computer Vision Winter Workshop, 9-11 February, Seggau, Austria.

Peter Remec (2015) Integration of subgraph isomorphism problem into ALGator system. EngD thesis.

Igor Avbelj (2015) Real-time updating of a recommender for personalized TV program. MSc thesis.

Simon Pihler (2015) Introducing lean concepts into software development process. EngD thesis.

Jani Bevk (2015) Correlated mutation analysis using graphics processing units. EngD thesis.

Marko Mikuletič (2015) Comparison of relational, NoSQL and NewSQL databases. EngD thesis.

Boštjan Bohte (2015) A system for semi-automatic polypi counting on images. EngD thesis.

Andrej Grlica (2015) A library recommender module. EngD thesis.

Ivan Bratko and Franc Solina (2015) Zlorabe na spletu so večja grožnja človeku kot robotika. Delo, sobotna priloga . pp. 26-27. ISSN 1580-3007

Dragan Marinović (2015) Comparison of Enterprise resource planning solutions in the company Unior, d. d.. EngD thesis.

Bojana Kenda (2015) Comparison of parallelizations of the algorithms for image processing in OpenCL. EngD thesis.

Jure Cetina (2015) The efficency analysis of AOR mutation operator mutations. EngD thesis.

Črt Gregorič (2015) The development of an iOS application driven mobile robot. EngD thesis.

Jernej Bodlaj (2015) Hierarchical visualization of large networks. PhD thesis.

Domen Košir (2015) Web User Profiling in Online Advertising. PhD thesis.

Simon Stoiljkovikj (2015) Computer-based estimation of the difficulty of chess tactical problems. EngD thesis.

Denis Mesarič Štih (2015) Mobile multi-user task manager. EngD thesis.

Jerneja Mislej (2015) Living Cells Membrane Capacitance Signal analysis. EngD thesis.

David Jerković (2015) Mobile application for monitoring the activities of soccer teams. EngD thesis.

Domen Kržišnik (2015) Autonomous robotic sweeper. EngD thesis.

Manca Štrucelj (2015) Creating a web interface to perform queries on Oracle database. EngD thesis.

Borut Batagelj and Mojca Galun and Franc Solina (2015) VADBA PRAVILNE IZGOVORJAVE SKOZI IGRO. Komunikacija : bilten Društva logopedov Slovenije (8). pp. 42-48. ISSN 2335-2779

Teja Cetinski (2015) Comparing functionality and performance of MySQL and MariaDB database management systems. EngD thesis.

Matej Murn (2015) Developing business applications using Scrum. EngD thesis.

Matic Jesenovec (2015) Development of educational web application based on lean startup methodology. EngD thesis.

Tomaž Marinčič (2015) A design tool for ternary quantum-dot cellular automata. EngD thesis.

Mateja Volčanšek (2015) Lexical Sentiment Analysis in Slovenian Texts. EngD thesis.

Gregor Jagnje (2015) Simulating sheep and shepherding. EngD thesis.

Gašper Podobnik (2015) The implementation of Zimbra mail server. EngD thesis.

Matej Bedič (2015) Emulation of NFC student card in smart phone. EngD thesis.

Anja Štrukelj (2015) Introduction of card payment system in a merchant company. EngD thesis.

Aleksander Lukić (2015) Communication in a dual-processor system using shared memory. EngD thesis.

David Mohorčič (2015) Analysis of cloud platforms for the purpose of integration with mobile applications. EngD thesis.

Kaja Krnec (2015) The comparison of two graphic user interface frameworks: Windows Presentation Foundation and Windows Forms. EngD thesis.

Domen Prestor (2015) Parallelization of biologically inspired algorithms. EngD thesis.

Gregor Bahor (2015) Web site for the network of European fine arts associations. EngD thesis.

Vito Tomažin (2015) Implementation of time stamping service. EngD thesis.

Klemen Železnik (2015) Single-sign in system Shibboleth. EngD thesis.

Jernej Sila (2015) Comparison of NewSQL databases, NuoDB and VoltDB. EngD thesis.

Andrej Bačnar (2015) An upgrade of a computerized tool for managing agile software projects. EngD thesis.

Robin Emeršič (2015) Mobile application for indoor searching and route planning. EngD thesis.

Tomaž Čufer (2015) Simplification of ETL processes using Talend Platform. EngD thesis.

Blaž Meden and Blaž Jeršan and Gorazd Rajar and Franc Solina (2015) Virtually enhanced sculpture. In: ROSUS 2015 Računalniška obdelava slik in njena uporaba v Sloveniji 2015, 19 March 2015, Maribor.

Jan Češnjevar (2015) Convergence of relational and non-relational databases. MSc thesis.

Uroš Paščinski (2015) Automatic transcription of polyphonic singing. EngD thesis.

Miroslav Madon (2015) Application for designing overhead power lines – Electra. EngD thesis.

Ljiljana Babič (2015) Development of interactive graphic editor to annotate electrohysterogram records. EngD thesis.

Marko Verdenik (2015) Separating groups of uterine electromiographic records with term and pre-term delivery using coherence function. EngD thesis.

Rihard Gaberšček (2015) Student model in intelligent tutor systems. EngD thesis.

Danijel Šarić (2015) Android application for recording data on the removal of municipal waste. EngD thesis.

Primož Debenec (2015) Inverse kinematics of OWI-535 robotic arm. EngD thesis.

Urša Krevs (2015) Computer analysis and comparison of chess players' game-playing styles. MSc thesis.

Beat Arnold and Ronald Bockius and Miran Erič and Michael Klein and Otto Cichocki and Andrej Gaspari and Waldemar Ossowski and Niall Gregory and Lars Kroger and Dragan Živadinov and Cynthia Dunning Thierstein and Franc Solina and David John Gregory and Aivar Ruukel and Karl Brady and Philippe Bonnin and Philippe Guillonnet and Saša Koren and Sara Ćorković and Matej Školc (2015) Global Initiative: Early Watercraft - a global perspective of invention and development, The first ambassadors meeting minutes. Documentation. Global Initiative: Early Watercraft , Vrhnika, Slovenia. (Unpublished)

Beat Arnold and Ronald Bockius and Miran Erič and Michael Klein and Otto Cichocki and Andrej Gaspari and Niall Gregory and Waldemar Ossowski and Lars Kröger and Dragan Živadinov and Cynthia Dunning Thierstein and Franc Solina and Kaja Antlej and David Payne and David John Gregory and Aivar Ruukel and Karl Brady and Philippe Bonnin and Philippe Guillonnet and Saša Koren and Sara Ćorković and Matej Školc and Atle Ove Martinussen and Trevor Northage and Jason Rogers and Evgenia Anichtchenko and Anton Simonič and Gary Ball and Cyril Dworsky (2015) Global Initiative: Early Watercraft - a global perspective of invention and development, Proposal of the Initiative. Documentation. Global Initiative: Early Watercraft , Vrhnika, Slovenia. (Unpublished)

Primož Kariž (2015) Searching nearest neighbours in high dimensional spaces. MSc thesis.

Rok Majerčič (2015) Using internet-based data sources for Crypto-Currency market prediction. MSc thesis.

Matevž Pavlič (2015) Estimating the quality of arguments in argument-based machine learning. MSc thesis.

Matej Krebelj (2015) . EngD thesis.

Janez Udovič (2015) A system for visual control of wood imperfections. EngD thesis.

Domen Rački (2015) Object detection with constellations of keypoints. MSc thesis.

Benjamin Kastelic (2015) Extending the method for schema matching by adding support for additional data types and taking the structure of the schema into account. MSc thesis.

Luka Bac (2015) Transforming PL/SQL source code into an application transition graph. EngD thesis.

Jure Šorn (2015) A prototype of a low cost time attendance system using NFC technology on Android mobile devices. EngD thesis.

Luka Svetlič (2015) Determining micro-location in urban streets. EngD thesis.

Nina Krmavnar (2015) Continuous software delivery. EngD thesis.

Tine Ileršič (2015) Wood biscuit measuring and sorting system. EngD thesis.

Sandi Gec (2015) Development of a system for 3D reconstruction of objects using passive computer vision methods. MSc thesis.

Siniša Ribić (2015) BPEL to Amazon Simple Workflow Service Transformation Model. MSc thesis.

Matej Mežik (2015) Web user interface server side integration model. MSc thesis.

Mitja Trampuš (2015) Semantic approaches to domain template construction and opinion mining from natural language. PhD thesis.

Lado Langof (2015) Databases for Data Mining. MSc thesis.

Gorazd Kovačič (2015) Automated visual web testing. EngD thesis.

Kristian Zupan (2015) Comparison of implementations of cryptographic algorithms on the CPU and GPU. MSc thesis.

Rok Banko (2015) Platform for exchange of farming machinery. EngD thesis.

Maja Zezula (2015) Message Exchange Simulation in VANET networks. EngD thesis.

Gregor Stamać (2015) Tool for test driven development of JavaScript applications. EngD thesis.

Andraž Omahen (2015) Traffic-flow simulation. EngD thesis.

Andraž Hribernik (2015) Predicting optimal related web article with Multi Armed Bandit approach. MSc thesis.

Blaž Hafnar (2015) Handling batch processing overloads in ERP. MSc thesis.

Anja Krajnc (2015) Using machine learning for placing comma in Slovene. EngD thesis.

Svetlana Nikić (2015) Topological analysis of data on 911 calls in the Boston area. MSc thesis.

Gašper Tomažič (2015) Computer-vision-based car logotype detection and recognition. EngD thesis.

Aleks Huč (2015) Predicting protein-RNA interaction sites on RNA. MSc thesis.

Tomaž Kariž (2015) Reliability estimation of ensemble model predictions. MSc thesis.

Rok Ritlop (2015) Artificial life on a colony of intelligent agents. EngD thesis.

Andrej Bratož (2015) .NET Platform and interoperability with Windows system. EngD thesis.

Nejc Župec (2015) Wi-Fi signal classification and visitor counting by region. MSc thesis.

Miha Nedeljko (2015) Software defined network in the cloud. MSc thesis.

Damir Balija (2015) Enrichment of data in relational database with Linked Data resources. MSc thesis.

Jagodnik Tadej (2015) Contactless payment system with mobile NFC devices. MSc thesis.

Darko Božidar (2015) Comparison of parallel sorting algorithms. MSc thesis.

Peter Škvorc (2015) Inverse eigenvalue problem for Euclidean distance matrices. EngD thesis.

Dominik Grah (2015) Process mining with ProM. EngD thesis.

Erik Cvetek (2015) Application support for managing and maintaining the mould sets with teflon coating. EngD thesis.

Matjaž Cerar (2015) Topological analysis of images. EngD thesis.

Tamara Žlender (2015) Introducing lean principles to software development with Kanban method. EngD thesis.

Alan Lukežič (2015) Improved robust part-based model for visual object tracking. MSc thesis.

Rok Zupančič (2015) Similarity-based visualization of sounds. EngD thesis.

Rok Knez (2015) Cloud application for sharing task lists. EngD thesis.

Jernej Henigman (2015) Modeling chemical reactions of RNA-binding proteins with machine learning. EngD thesis.

Gregor Mubi (2015) Topological analysis of weather images. EngD thesis.

Primož Kocuvan (2015) Detacting heart murmur in phonocardiograms. EngD thesis.

Cvetkovska Biserka (2015) Predicting weather phenomena using discrete Morse theory. MSc thesis.

Jaka Šušteršič (2015) Continuous deployment of web applications. EngD thesis.

Matija Andrejčič (2015) Analysis of the influence of queue type on packet delay in computer networks. EngD thesis.

Grega Tratnik (2015) Development of cross platform mobile application using Xamarin.Forms. EngD thesis.

Peter Rot (2015) Development of a web store protected with certificates. EngD thesis.

Jan Jug (2015) Transcription of piano music with deep learning. EngD thesis.

Alan Lukežič (2015) Improved robust part-based model for visual object tracking. Prešeren awards for students.

Bojan Robba (2015) Review of open source tools for the Python web applications testing. EngD thesis.

Tilen Matkovič (2015) Content aware image resizing. EngD thesis.

Matic Repše (2015) Developing digital control for aquaponic system. EngD thesis.

Gregor Majcen (2015) Interactive computer-based art installations in times of rapid technological advances. MSc thesis.

Matej Kopar (2015) Classification of viral genomes using machine learning. EngD thesis.

Neža Belej (2015) Monte-Carlo tree search method for the board game Scotland Yard. EngD thesis.

Nejc Vesel (2015) Artwork classification based on image features. EngD thesis.

Matej Dolenc (2015) Verification of communication protocols with coloured Petri nets. EngD thesis.

Mojca Rojko (2015) Fractals. EngD thesis.

Nejc Grenc (2015) Cardinal B-splines. EngD thesis.

Urh Svetičič (2015) Fish farm monitoring system. EngD thesis.

Anže Medved (2015) Implementation of a mobile devices for GPS tracking. EngD thesis.

Žiga Kerec (2015) Development of web application for organizing work in smaller groups. EngD thesis.

Klemen Košir (2015) C programming language compiler for the SIC/XE computer. EngD thesis.

Matej Senožetnik (2015) Assessment of the state of charge of the battery of an intelligent mobile home. EngD thesis.

Matej Senožetnik (2015) Assessment of the state of charge of the battery of an intelligent mobile home. Prešeren awards for students.

Vanja Mileski (2015) Evaluation of algorithms for speaker diarization in sound recordings. EngD thesis.

Karin Piškur (2015) Correcting comma placement in Slovene language with LanguageTool. EngD thesis.

Luka Vabič (2015) Optimization logistics of purchase and sales flows. EngD thesis.

Tadej Matek (2015) Adaptive system for learning SQL language. EngD thesis.

Jure Grabnar (2015) Monte Carlo tree search in a distributed environment. EngD thesis.

Silvester Jakša (2015) Multimodal System for Recommending Music. EngD thesis.

Tadej Golobič (2015) Programme for automatic verification of algorithms written in C++ programming language. EngD thesis.

Jan Markočič (2015) Computer vision as a navigation aid for visually impaired. EngD thesis.

Kristijan Shirgoski (2015) Computer-vision based polyp detection in underwater images. EngD thesis.

Eva Lužnik Žnidaršič (2015) Teaching children how to program using Raspberry Pi. EngD thesis.

Tadej Škvorc (2015) Conference paper scheduling tool. EngD thesis.

Jure Malovrh (2015) Data transfer with ultrasound. EngD thesis.

Lovro Podgoršek (2015) Web application for organization of sports events. EngD thesis.

Andraž Krašček (2015) Visualization and analysis of captured data from optical motion capture system. MSc thesis.

Juš Lozej (2015) Generating light adapted trees using genetic algorithms. EngD thesis.

Žiga Pušnik (2015) Using deep convolutional neural networks on natural language problems. EngD thesis.

Teja Roštan (2015) Pruning neural network using matrix factorization. EngD thesis.

Mark Kodrič (2015) The comparison of project management tools. EngD thesis.

Matej Batič (2015) The analysis of CRM for farms. EngD thesis.

Martin Volk (2015) Efficient implementation of decision tree with logistic regression in leaves. EngD thesis.

Svit Timej Zebec (2015) iBeacon technology in the development of mobile applications. EngD thesis.

Andrej Hafner (2015) Protoype of the system for lifestock registration. EngD thesis.

Aleš Koncilja (2015) Acquisition, integration and presentation of data for the needs of appraisers. EngD thesis.

Veronika Blažič (2015) A touch typing application for blind and visually impaired users. EngD thesis.

Nejc Ilenič (2015) Monte Carlo tree search in the board game of Scotland Yard. EngD thesis.

Jan Juvan (2015) Procedural generation of a city quarter. EngD thesis.

Primož Ocepek (2015) Sound Power Measurement. EngD thesis.

Dejan Štepec (2015) Development of a system for point cloud based object recognition. EngD thesis.

Rađa Vjeran (2015) Pseudospectral methods for boundary value problems. EngD thesis.

Marko Košnjek (2015) The design of platform to suport education in companies. EngD thesis.

Blaž Dolenc (2015) Geographic segmentation of users and its use in advertising. EngD thesis.

Gašper Slapničar (2015) Recommending accommodations using machine learning provider in a cloud. EngD thesis.

Nika Bric (2015) Visualization of folk song lyrics. EngD thesis.

Rok Plevel (2015) Remake of a Magento web store content management system into system for employees' attendance tracking. EngD thesis.

Sven Cerk (2015) Compiling functional kernels into graph intermediate code for Maxeler architecture. EngD thesis.

Miha Eleršič (2015) Compiling graph intermediate code for Maxeler dataflow engines. EngD thesis.

Klemen Kozjek (2015) A didactic tool for educational robotics. EngD thesis.

Sašo Stanovnik (2015) Parallelization of an evolutionary algorithm for scheduling with complex constraints. EngD thesis.

Tim Smole (2015) Implementation of contactless smart cards with secure element in the cloud. EngD thesis.

Matej Martinc (2015) Efficient Natural Language Processing with Python. EngD thesis.

Nik Pirnovar (2015) Web information system of scouts organization. EngD thesis.

Grega Štravs (2015) Threats to Privacy of Smart TV Users. EngD thesis.

Žiga Vučko (2015) Predicting categories of news articles using meta-data from the Web. EngD thesis.

Matevž Lenič (2015) Support application for shooting clubs. EngD thesis.

Karmen Knavs (2015) Mobile application for learning letters. EngD thesis.

Matjaž Glumac (2015) System for tracking sports activity. EngD thesis.

Sandi Mlinar (2015) CNC PCB drilling machine. EngD thesis.

Anže Žitnik (2015) Botnet detection on network traffic data with an extension on mobile devices. MSc thesis.

Klemen Gantar (2015) Development of an image-based procedure for quality control of graphite components. EngD thesis.

Kristjan Sešek (2015) Analysis and implementation of caching in Java applications. EngD thesis.

Marko Balažic (2015) Extraction and processing data from the web. EngD thesis.

Ernest Beličič (2015) Multi-camera system for object localization in space. EngD thesis.

Kristian Žarn (2015) Building a 3D model with a moving monocular camera. EngD thesis.

Urban Škvorc (2015) Development of a library for interprocess communication in interactive systems. EngD thesis.

Jan Kos (2015) Cloud Computer Deployment and Management using FIWARE Platform. EngD thesis.

Tilen Faganel (2015) Framework for Microservice Development in Java and Their Scaling in the Cloud. EngD thesis.

Kristijan Mirčeta (2015) Extracting temporal knowledge from events in news articles. EngD thesis.

Marko Kladnik (2015) The comparison of Unity and Unreal Engine game engines. EngD thesis.

Tomaž Žniderič (2015) Connecting an android application with Django web framework. EngD thesis.

Gašper Volf (2015) Bluetooth-controlled lightshow. EngD thesis.

Andraž Hribar (2015) Mobile technologies in development of personal healt record. EngD thesis.

Aleksandar Bobić (2015) Visualization of 3D medical images on the web using WebCL. EngD thesis.

Jure Kolenko (2015) A tool for manual alignment of 2D and 3D medical images. EngD thesis.

Tadej Matek (2015) Adaptive system for learning SQL language. Prešeren awards for students.

Martina Gabor (2015) Authentication without a password by use of Bitcoin system. EngD thesis.

Andrej Premrn (2015) Web application for rating subsidized students meals providers. EngD thesis.

Matej Vitek (2015) Simulating human-like behaviour in games using intelligent agents. EngD thesis.

Nejc Ambrožič (2015) Multicriteria optimization of smart buildings using evolutionary algorithm. EngD thesis.

Žiga Emeršič (2015) Human recognition based on ear biometric data. MSc thesis.

Rok Gomišček (2015) Visualization and interpretation of models obtained with non-negative matrix factorization. MSc thesis.

Luka Čehovin (2015) A hierarchical adaptive model for robust short-term visual tracking. PhD thesis.

Matej Vehar (2015) Optimization of software product localization process. EngD thesis.

Gregor Vitek (2015) Distribution of load in heterogeneous computer systems. EngD thesis.

Tjaž Brelih (2015) A simple and portable electrocardiograph (ECG). EngD thesis.

Uroš Weber (2015) Password crackers and passphrase strength. EngD thesis.

Polona Štefanič (2015) Interactive application for multi-touch surface. EngD thesis.

Nejc Sušin (2015) Interactive reading of rainfall graphs. EngD thesis.

Aleksandar Kojić (2015) Framework for information systems development process improvement using heuristics for business processes improvement. MSc thesis.

Borut Ajdič (2015) Human Tasks in Executable Business Processes based on WS-BPEL Extension for People. EngD thesis.

Peter Gabrovšek (2015) Procedural terrain generation with Perlin noise. EngD thesis.

Matic Pajnič (2015) Implementation of parallel algorithm for k-mer enrichment analysis of genomic sequences. EngD thesis.

Bor Juroš (2015) Automatic detection of infantry trenches based on terrain height maps. EngD thesis.

Anže Nunar (2015) The COMP128 algorithm and the SIM card. EngD thesis.

Anej Budihna (2015) Algorithms for external sorting. EngD thesis.

Aleksandra Deleva (2015) TD learning in Monte Carlo tree search. MSc thesis.

Simon Vrhovec (2015) A methodology for resistance to change management in information systems projects. PhD thesis.

Vitomir Kerševan (2015) Computer tools for controling network and system resources. EngD thesis.

Simon Ivanšek (2015) Stress testing of web applications in public clouds. MSc thesis.

Tomaž Borštnik (2015) Prediction of amino acids interacting with RNA. MSc thesis.

Kristjan Antunović (2015) System for indoor user localization using mobile devices. EngD thesis.

Matjaž Bratina (2015) NFC technology in cold chain. EngD thesis.

Matej Biberović (2015) Smart NFC Lock. EngD thesis.

Šaponja Peter (2015) Clustering with Argument-Based Machine Learning. MSc thesis.

Marko Tavčar (2015) Modular system for automatic control of buildings. EngD thesis.

Tomaž Silič (2015) Recommender system for a web store. EngD thesis.

Matevž Jekovec and Andrej Brodnik and Jan Vahrenhold and Matija Lokar and Peter Micheuz and Barbara Demo and Claudio Mirolo, eds. (2015) The Proceedings of International Conference on Informatics in Schools: Situation, Evolution and Perspectives - ISSEP 2015. Založba FRI, Ljubljana. (Submitted)

Dragan Uležić (2015) Fuzzy logic control of active suspension for maintaining a minimum transverse and longitudinal slope of a field working machine. MSc thesis.

Gašper Lavrič Palancsai (2015) Development of responsive web application for providing software. EngD thesis.

Jure Polutnik (2015) Scalable cloud service for chess position analysis. EngD thesis.

Matjaž Jurečič (2015) A system for dynamic management of the presentation layer of an IPTV client. EngD thesis.

Miran Levar (2015) Web-based platform for dataflow processing. MSc thesis.

Marinka Žitnik (2015) Learning by Fusing Heterogeneous Data. PhD thesis.

Andraž Požar (2015) Integration of acqiris dc-252 digitizer into epics control system and implementation of algorithm for calculation of bunch-by-bunch lifetime in synchrotron. MSc thesis.

Dominik Pangeršič (2015) Aerodynamics in models for a computer simulation of bird flocking. MSc thesis.

Uroš Ocepek (2015) A model of an adaptive system for recommending learning objects in a constructivist learning environment. PhD thesis.

Matej Markelj (2015) A modular syslog server with input filter. EngD thesis.

Davor Marković (2015) Information Security in a Smart Car. EngD thesis.

Tomaž Kravcar (2015) Synchronyzation of heterogeneous database systems. EngD thesis.

Leon Ropoša (2015) Determination of Facial emotions during food testing using computer vision methods. MSc thesis.

Bojan Kastelic (2015) Presentation of the invention and the development of early watercraft using Arches platform. MSc thesis.

Anže Brvar (2015) Algorithmic trading on Forex market with help of a Twitter. MSc thesis.

Marko Novak Hindel (2015) Real-time video processing with Orange. EngD thesis.

Dragan Dubravac (2015) Web application for traffic flow forecasting. EngD thesis.

Jernej Plavčak (2015) A prototype for a simple learning management system. EngD thesis.

Rok Razinger (2015) Establishment of environment for automatic software testing. EngD thesis.

Matic Potočnik and Bojan Klemenc and Franc Solina and Uroš Herlec (2015) Computer aided method for colour calibration and analysis of digital rock photographs. Geologija, 58 (2). pp. 247-260. ISSN 0016-7789

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