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David Bašelj (2018) Development of web application Sledenje. EngD thesis.

Andrej Stivičević (2018) Web-based application for managing Scrum projects. EngD thesis.

Jaka Šušteršič (2017) Enhancing the continuous deployment pipeline by shadowing production requests. MSc thesis.

Rok Marinšek (2017) Analysis and design of a system for computer-assisted monitoring of cardiac patients. EngD thesis.

Tina Klančar (2017) Effort estimation in agile software development - A systematic literature review. EngD thesis.

Nejc Debevec (2017) Development of a web application for maintaining project data using Scrum. EngD thesis.

Tilen Venko (2017) Developing offline enabled web applications. EngD thesis.

Ladislav Škufca (2017) Designing good user experience. EngD thesis.

Peter Zemljak (2016) Analysis of Scrum introduction in a small company. EngD thesis.

Domen Perenič (2016) Accuracy analysis of user story estimates. EngD thesis.

Bisera Milosheska (2016) Static source code analysis in agile development methodologies. MSc thesis.

Zoran Nebić (2016) Agile software development in a context of plan-based organizations. MSc thesis.

Blaž Artač (2016) Introducing microservices into Java EE applications. EngD thesis.

Mitja Cukjati (2016) A sistematic literature review about the use of Kanban in software engineering. EngD thesis.

David Moličnik (2016) Implementation of an online reporting module about scholarships using the Vaadin framework. EngD thesis.

Bogdan Golobič (2016) Development of a students' portal. EngD thesis.

Jaka Borštnar (2016) Implementation of an information system for managing risky persons in an insurance company. MSc thesis.

Matevž Krajnik (2016) The Scrum agile method: A systematic literature review. EngD thesis.

Uroš Simčič (2016) Introducing Scrum into a small web application development company. EngD thesis.

Dean Fikon (2016) Implementation of Track and Trace system in a pharmaceutical company. MSc thesis.

Gašper Gartner (2016) Implementing fiscal cash register in combination with a dealership management system. EngD thesis.

Aljaž Srša (2016) PHP frameworks. EngD thesis.

Aleš Kern (2016) Adaptation of existing reports to the new version of Microsoft Dynamics NAV. EngD thesis.

Neža Štrukelj (2016) Introducing Scrum into a large project: a case study and analysis of the acceptance factors. MSc thesis.

Matej Pintar (2016) Building a data warehouse in an energy trading company. EngD thesis.

Bojan Vončina (2016) Analysis of Scrum acceptance. EngD thesis.

Andrej Premrn (2015) Web application for rating subsidized students meals providers. EngD thesis.

Tim Smole (2015) Implementation of contactless smart cards with secure element in the cloud. EngD thesis.

Jaka Šušteršič (2015) Continuous deployment of web applications. EngD thesis.

Tamara Žlender (2015) Introducing lean principles to software development with Kanban method. EngD thesis.

Gorazd Kovačič (2015) Automated visual web testing. EngD thesis.

Nina Krmavnar (2015) Continuous software delivery. EngD thesis.

Andrej Bačnar (2015) An upgrade of a computerized tool for managing agile software projects. EngD thesis.

Matej Murn (2015) Developing business applications using Scrum. EngD thesis.

Simon Pihler (2015) Introducing lean concepts into software development process. EngD thesis.

Rok Alidžanović (2014) Introducing Scrum into the development of a health food web portal. EngD thesis.

Dejan Pavlovič (2014) Development of a financial accountancy application using Scrum. EngD thesis.

Miha Zorec (2014) Implementation of contactless smart cards on NFC devices. EngD thesis.

Matej Škrlep (2014) Test driven development with Symfony2. EngD thesis.

Matic Volk (2014) Automated web page testing with Laravel. EngD thesis.

Darko Janković (2014) Developing cross-platform desktop applications with Qt framework. EngD thesis.

Simon Vesel (2014) Smartphone as a sports gadget. EngD thesis.

Matej Žebovec (2014) RFID and NFC technologies and their use in practice. EngD thesis.

Dejan Kostadinovski (2014) Using design patterns in agile software development. EngD thesis.

Dimitar Kotevski (2014) Developing extensible software in Java. EngD thesis.

Valter Šorli (2014) Master data management – customer data integration. MSc thesis.

Dejan Veternik (2014) Automatization of functional testing with Selenium WebDriver. EngD thesis.

Dejan Mesar (2014) System for tracking and analyzing the use of computer applications. EngD thesis.

Miha Klun (2014) Standards and methods for software requirements specification. EngD thesis.

Damir Lalić (2014) A software tool for managing and measuring performance of a Scrum-based software development process. MSc thesis.

Matija Balantič (2013) Test driven software development with Java EE. EngD thesis.

Andrej Ograjenšek (2013) Applying kanban to software development. EngD thesis.

Tomaž Ahlin (2013) Developing own content management system. EngD thesis.

Luka Fuerst (2013) Graph Grammar Parsing and Induction. PhD thesis.

Neža Čeč (2013) Designing Business Touch Screen Applications. EngD thesis.

Nataša Žabkar (2013) Model for Agile Software Development Performance Monitoring. PhD thesis.

Matevž Peterec (2013) Development of the web application e-Asistent using the web framework Yii. EngD thesis.

TADEJ BAŠA (2012) The Implementation of a Media Portal Using the Open-source Content Management System Drupal. EngD thesis.

Janez Urevc (2012) Agile development of a news portal using Scrum. EngD thesis.

Gašper Rupnik (2011) Developing SharePoint applications. EngD thesis.

Anže Časar (2011) A Software Tool for Managing Scrum Projects. EngD thesis.

Borut Terpinc (2011) Acceptance tests in the process of agile software development. MSc thesis.

Žiga Elsner (2011) Using fitnesse for acceptance testing. EngD thesis.

Gašper Završnik (2011) Business process management in a SAP-based information system. EngD thesis.

Viktor Brajak (2011) Automatic generation of graphical user interface using annotated server-side java code. EngD thesis.

Uroš Smolnik (2011) Scrum project management tool. EngD thesis.

Janez Štupar (2011) Apache CouchDB database server and CouchApp applications. EngD thesis.

Roman Žurga (2011) Data interchange between health care providers and the Health Insurance Institute of Slovenia. EngD thesis.

Tine Borovnik (2010) Modern approaches to data warehouse design. MSc thesis.

Peter Tkavc (2010) Managing IT infrastructure using Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager. EngD thesis.

Rok Doltar (2010) Applying user stories for requirements specification. EngD thesis.

Andraž Cej (2010) Agile software development with Scrum. EngD thesis.

Marko Poženel (2010) Intelligent separation of interleaved sessions associated with building a data webhouse).. PhD thesis.

Primož Kralj (2010) Implementation of a business intelligence system in CPK d.d.. MSc thesis.

Tomaž Karer (2010) Development of information system for online banking services. EngD thesis.

Andrej Rovan (2010) NUnit: a nunit - testing tool for microsoft .NET. EngD thesis.

Aleš Koprivnikar (2010) Collaborative software development using IBM Rational Team Concert. EngD thesis.

Rok Štebe (2009) The Prototype of a Tool for Model-Driven Development of Java Applications. MSc thesis.

Mirjam Dolgan (2009) Performance dashboards in Microsoft SharePoint portal. MSc thesis.

Anže Orehek (2009) Price lists maintenance and optimization for phone operators. EngD thesis.

Boštjan Kranjc (2009) Development of tourist accommodations management software. EngD thesis.

Tomaž Gracar (2009) Implementation of an in-house help desk. EngD thesis.

David Vidrih (2008) Model driven development: Evaluation of concepts and development of supporting tools. MSc thesis.



Petra Batič Radojević (2008) Introducting Performance Dashboards to Banking Business. MSc thesis.


Lev Cedilnik (2008) Report generator Querybuilder. EngD thesis.

Borut Žagar (2008) Design and implementation of the e-TRR system. EngD thesis.

Slavko Mervar (2008) . EngD thesis.

Anže Marn (2008) . EngD thesis.

Jaka Gantar (2008) . MSc thesis.

Mate Beštek (2007) . EngD thesis.

Matjaž Ravnikar (2007) . EngD thesis.

Tomaž Pirc (2007) . EngD thesis.

Peter Adamlje (2007) . MSc thesis.

Aleksander Birsa (2007) . MSc thesis.

Blaž Kurent (2007) . EngD thesis.

Miha Žagar (2007) . EngD thesis.

Andreja Oman (2007) . EngD thesis.

David Pavlovič (2007) . EngD thesis.

Aljaž Zrnec (2006) Decision model for information system development process adaptation to individual needs of the projects. PhD thesis.

Aljoša Gruden (2006) . EngD thesis.

Maja Ferle (2006) . MSc thesis.

Klemen Durn (2006) . EngD thesis.

Damir Možek (2006) . EngD thesis.

Marko Ljubanović (2006) . EngD thesis.

Erik Ahlander Magnus (2006) Using web services and service-oriented architecture in a content management system. MSc thesis.

Sašo Krašovec (2006) . EngD thesis.

Borut Gasior (2006) . EngD thesis.

Igor Rožanc (2003) A model for the quantitative tracking of the software process compliant with the fourth level of the capability maturity model (CMM). PhD thesis.

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